Research Activities


A Team Focused on Research and Publications

The faculty members of EEE Green are dedicated researchers in various contemporary research areas. Core areas include Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Power Electronics, Machine Learning Applications, Communications, Material Science among other areas.

The faculty members are constantly publishing their recent works in various internationally renowned journals and conferences.  Over the recent years, the research outcome from the department has seen exceptional growth across several metrics. 

Publication Growth

Both in terms of number of journals and conferences, the contribution from the faculty members of the department has seen remarkable growth over the past three years. In the previous year alone, a total 82 journal articles and 90 conference papers were published from the department. 

Research that matters

High Impact Research

The faculty members are not just focusing on the quantity of publications, they are also ensuring the quality of research by publishing in top international journals with high impact factors. The combined impact factor from the publications from the previous year was 306, which has seen a huge growth over the past years. 

Highly cited publications

An extremely important metric for the importance and quality of research is the number of citations, i.e. how many other researchers around the world are citing the findings of a research work. In this regard as well, the faculty members of the department are showing their potential. Compared to 2021, where the total number of citations of the research published by our faculty members was 402, in 2023 the number rose to a staggering 2437, indicating an extremely rapid growth.

International and National Recognitions

Our faculty members have proven their research credentials by acquiring generous research grants from international and national funding bodies, which include research funds from Innovation Fund Denmark, Ministry of Science and Technology, Banbeis among others. 

The receiving of grants and awards for research is a significant testament to the quality of the research produced by the researchers. As a result, during the previous year, the researchers of the department have acquired seven research grants and awards overall, amounting to more than BDT 9 lacs of research fund

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