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EEE Green Premier League 2023

The vibrant and enthusiastic students of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) Department at Green University came together in a dazzling display of sportsmanship as they participated in the highly anticipated Intra-Departmental Cricket Tournament. The event, which unfolded with great fervor, showcased the department's deep-rooted passion for both academia and extracurricular activities. On the picturesque grounds of Green University, amidst a backdrop of greenery and camaraderie, the tournament brought together students from all batches of the EEE department.  The tournament kicked off with an electrifying opening ceremony, graced by the presence of esteemed faculty members and the university's management. The Director of the EEE Department, Professor Amanda Greenfield, highlighted the importance of striking a balance between academics and sports in a student's life. She emphasized that participating in such events not only fosters physical well-being but also nurtures qualities like teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship, which are essential for personal and professional growth. The competition began with the Freshers' Force taking on the Sophomore Stars, while the Junior Juggernauts faced off against the Senior Supremes. Each team showcased their cricketing skills with great enthusiasm, and the matches were nothing short of exhilarating. The players displayed remarkable teamwork, resilience, and fair play throughout the tournament, which was a testament to the EEE department's strong spirit. After a series of closely contested matches, the Junior Juggernauts and the Senior Supremes emerged as the finalists, and it was an epic showdown between the two batches. The championship match was a nail-biting affair, showcasing some exceptional cricketing talent. In the end, the Senior Supremes claimed the coveted title with their impressive performance. In addition to recognizing the winning team, the tournament also acknowledged individual brilliance, with awards for the Best Batsman, Best Bowler, and Player of the Tournament. The ceremony was filled with cheers and applause for the participants, coaches, and organizers who made the event a grand success. The Intra-Departmental Cricket Tournament at Green University's EEE Department not only served as a platform for students to exhibit their sporting prowess but also promoted a sense of unity and camaraderie within the department. It was a testament to the fact that life at Green University is not just about books and classrooms; it's also about nurturing well-rounded individuals who can excel in various aspects of life. This event is a testament to the university's commitment to fostering a holistic learning environment that goes beyond academics. The EEE Department at Green University is proud of the success of this tournament and is already looking forward to organizing more such events in the future. In the spirit of this thrilling tournament, we encourage all students to participate in extracurricular activities and find their passion beyond the classroom. It is these experiences that mold students into well-rounded individuals who are ready to face the challenges of the real world. Kudos to the EEE Department for hosting this spectacular event, and congratulations to all the participants for making it a memorable tournament!



EEE Day 2021 - Day 2 (31/10/21)

The 2nd day of EEE Day 2021 started with the Poster presentation event at 10:00 am and continued with Ludu, Talent hunt, Carrom, and Article for the EEE Times. Students were so enthusiastic to participate in these different games. More than 1048 students participated in the gaming contest session from 98 universities. 

“Poster Presentation -Khela hobe poster-e”

The Poster Presentation Contest; EEE Day 2021 (A Virtual poster presentation to merge innovation and technology) was completed successfully on Sunday, 31st October, 2021 at10:00 am to 1:30 pm using Zoom Platform.

Prof. Dr. Md. Fayzur Rahman, Honorable Treasurer of the GUB and the session's chief guest, opened the session with a warm introduction and motivating address. Dr. Md. Nazmus Sakib, assistant professor from the Department of EEE, GUB, greeted the participants and provided his extensive knowledge and instructions on Poster presentation technique and approach to the audience in a competition. Later, the preliminary stage contestants who were chosen to exhibit their posters vocally do so. The contest's judging panel consisted of Dr. Md. Nazmus Sakib, Mr. Mobinul Haque, and Mr. Sourav Barua. On behalf of the organizing committee, Mr. Sourav Barua, Lecturer in the Department of EEE, delivers a speech.

Dr. ASM Shihavuddin, chairperson of the EEE department and the chief patron of the EEE Day–2021 (Beyond Virtual), expresses his appreciation to the contest's contestants, judging panel, volunteers, and audience. He anticipates that the poster presentation contest will become the main event of the EEE Day in the future. In addition, he encourages all students to collaborate together with the department's expert faculty. Finally, he thanked the organizing team for a productive session and proclaimed the session's conclusion.

“Ludo - দুই ছক্কা গেল কই

Online gaming event “Ludo - দুই ছক্কা গেল কই was completed successfully on Sunday, 31st October, 2021 at 11:00 AM using Zoom Platform. On the 2nd day of the Online gaming event “Ludo'', the semifinal round started at 11:00 am with 16 winners. All the participants were distributed in three ZOOM meeting breakout rooms and we got the best 4 winners. The final round started with these 4 winners.  Out of these 4 people we got the best 3 winners. The participant who has earned 1500 TK as first prize is Inzamamul Hoque Shawon who is the student of the department of CSE, Green University of Bangladesh .First runner up was Md. Nasirul Islam who is the student of department of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh and rewarded 1000 TK as second prize. 2nd Runners-up is K M Ruhul Amin, who is the student of the department of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh and got 500 TK as 3rd prize. 3 faculty members and 12 volunteers worked actively in this event. Announcing the winners marked the end of this amazing event which garnered a lot of positive comments from students around the country and also gave them something to be excited about in these depressing online based education times.

“Talent Hunt 2021- আমি একখান আগুনের গোলা”

After the huge success of EEE Day 2020 this year we arranged EEE Day 2021-Beyond The Virtual on an online platform. At first we started working by setting different events with different unique names which will attract people easily. We started working on this event with 7 volunteers under 3 assigned teachers. We started promoting our event on social media after discussing it with the assigned teacher. We tried to do our best. We shared our event on our Facebook wall, messenger groups, Facebook groups and also individually texted everyone to participate in our event. Our last date of registration for Talent Hunt 2021 was 25th October. On 26th October we published participating content on our YouTube channel with the help of our assigned teachers. Between these we called meetings several times to increase our registered number. On 29th October judges are judged on those contents and give their marks out of 20. On 31st October at 12pm we counted YouTube views. So for a participant their number was summed by judges mark on 20% and YouTube views on 80%. From that marking we got our winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up. On that day we started our event at 2pm. At this event more than 40 people joined and Ms. Sumaiya Afreen was invited by us as a special guest. Dr. ASM Shivabuddin was present there as chief guest and our assigned teachers also present there as judges. They shared their experiences regarding Talent Hunt 2021’s content. And a participant also shared his experiences. We have successfully done our event and every member of our event worked very very hard to make it happen! 

“Carrom - হবে নাকি টুক্কা টুক্কি”

The Semi-Final round of this gaming contest started at 3.00 pm. Assistant professor & Moderator of Green University EEE Club, Shahriar Mahmud Kabir, was present at the event. He thanked all who worked behind for making this event successful and wished all the participants for their betterment. MD. Sagar Hossain, Shameem Sarker, MD. Sabbir Hossain, Nazrul Islam were the four Semi-Finalist of the event.  MD Sagar Hossain from Choto Chabla BM College won the final round of the game. He was very happy to win the game and hoped that this event would continue in the near future.

Finally, the event ended with the farewell speech of Naushad Ali, Lecturer (Sr Level) & the Deputy Moderator of Green University EEE Club with a congratulation for the winner of the game and good wishes to all. 

“EEE Times Article- লিখবো আমি, পড়বে সবাই”

In 2020, we gained lots of success on EEE Day. This year, we arranged “EEE Day 2021-Beyond the Virtual” on an online platform. We arranged so many events. “EEE Times Article- লিখবো আমি, পড়বে সবাই” is one of them. We started working on this event with 7 volunteers and 3 assigned teachers. We started promoting our event on social media, message, Email and so on. Our last date of registration was 25th October,2021. After we finished the registration, we got 23 articles. After that, we selected 17 articles from our judges and uploaded those articles on our website which is

On 31st October, we started our event at 4.00PM. At this event more than 30 people joined and Dr. ASM Shihavuddin sir was present as a chief guest. Also, our assigned teachers present there as judges. Israt Jahan mam said about EEE time website information. After her speech, we showed the top 5 articles and heard some innovative ideas, feelings, and experiences from the top 5 participants. For a participant their number was summed by judges mark on 80% and website views on 20%. After that, we got the top three articles which were effective stove design, why and where software and programming skills are required for EEE students, and Dare to fly, way to higher education: scholarship. After that, our chief guest DR. ASM Shihavuddin sir said his precious speech and encouraged us to write some articles. Also, Naushad Ali sir,  Asif Ahmed sir, MD. Tariqul Islam sir, and Ahmed Jaudat Nahian sir said their precious speech to volunteers and participants. We successfully did our event and every member worked hard for this event. 

“Prize Giving & Closing Ceremony”

The prize-giving ceremony started at 6:30 pm with the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran by Abu Raihan Sayem. Our honorable guest Professor Dr. Md. Quamrul Ahsan stated that the EEE department has reached a new platform by organizing different online events and expressed his joy to be present here and praised the active activities of the EEE department despite the pandemic situation. The chairperson of EEE department, Dr.ASM Shihavuddin expressed his gratitude and thanked the Keynote speakers of the seminars, Judges of contests and to the volunteers for their fabulous efforts for the EEE day program. Dr.ASM Shihavuddin announced the names of winners of all 6 events. Lecturer (Sr Level) & the Deputy Moderator, Naushad Ali delivered a spiritual and informative speech to the audience. He also emphasized that this kind of co-curricular activities will help the students to boost up their knowledge and productivity. They congratulated all the winners and thanked participants, speakers, faculty members, and club members for their continuous support and effort in organizing EEE DAY 2021.

EEE Day 2021 - Day 1 (30/10/21)

The first day of “EEE Day 2021-Beyond the Virtual”   has been successfully completed on 30th October 2021!


Our first program Inauguration Ceremony started with the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran and Bhagavad Gita. In the beginning of the program, our Guest of honor, honorable treasurer, Professor Dr. Md. Fayzur Rahman focused on the importance of this program to cheer up the students. The chief Guest, honorable Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Md. Golam Samdani Fakir Inaugurated the program “EEE Day 2021-Beyond the Virtual”. He appreciated the chairperson of EEE Department, EEE Club Moderator and his team for arranging this mega event virtually. He mentioned the smooth advancement of the EEE department through innovative ideas as well as competent leadership by following the core values of GUB is very impressive. Our special Guest, respected advisor, Professor Dr. Md. Abdur Razzaque addressed his educative speech and highlighted that this type of program can energize the students. The honorable Dean, Professor Dr. Md. Saiful Azad, Faculty of Science and Engineering, focused on the importance of continuing such a program to come out the students from the dependency on online gaming and social platforms. Distinguished Professor & advisor, Dept. of EEE, Dr. Md. Quamrul Ahsan thanked the organizing committee for arranging such an amusing event and emphasized the importance of such programs in developing the skills of students. He noted that this program will help to build up the leadership ability among students. He also mentioned that honorable Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Md. Golam Samdani Fakir has an immense impact to practice this type of co-curricular activities. The chairperson of the EEE department, Dr. ASM Shihavuddin welcomed all the guests and participants with a short brief of the program. He instructed all the responsible people to ensure the fairness and successful completion of the program.  The session concluded by thanking all the participants and the guests.

The 2nd event was the gaming contest and seminars, which started from 11:00 am including Ludu, Selfie contest, Carrom, IEEE PES Seminar and Carrier Talk. Students were so enthusiastic to participate in these different games. More than 1048 students participated in the gaming contest session from 98 universities.  

“Ludo - দুই ছক্কা গেল কই

The game started at 11.00 am on October 30. 484+ people from different institutions have participated in this event. In the first round, participants played on 102 boards. The 2nd round started at 1.20 pm with 86 winners from round 1 on 32 boards and we selected 19 winners for the next round. 

“Selfie contest - Hudai Genjam”

Total 35 students from different universities of Bangladesh participated in this contest. There were 2 rounds, in the 1st round, 11 students were selected on the basis of ‘Likes’. Then in the 2nd round, among 11 students 3 students were selected based on the judge panel number and Likes. In the main event, participant’s shared their thoughts behind their pictures. Results will be declared in the prize giving ceremony. 


“Carrom - হবে নাকি টুক্কা টুক্কি

The first 5 rounds of the games were held on October 30 from 3 pm to 9 pm. From 222 Registered Participants, 88 Players played in Round-1. After the end of Round-1, 44 winners were selected for Round-2. From Round 2, 22 winners were selected from the game proceeded to Round-3 & 4. After the end of Round-3 & 4, top 8 players were selected for the Quarter-Final Round. Finally, the top 4 winners were selected for the Semi-Final Round.


“IEEE PES Seminar - Imge Processing Matlab”

In collaboration with the IEEE Power & Energy Society GUB Students Branch Chapter, the Green EEE Club arranged a virtual talk about "Image Processing on MATLAB" at 11:00 am on 30th October, 2021 with more than 50 participants from different universities. Mr. Md. Sayed Tanveer Azam, Lecturer, Dept. of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh, shared his broad expertise in the emerging area of image processing as a keynote speaker. He started his discussion with some applications of image processing and commonly used algorithms in the computer vision toolbox. He mainly focused on region-based segmentation using the pixel values of training images. He also demonstrated how image enhancement works by improving the quality and information content of original data before processing it, including contrast enhancement, spatial filtering, and density slicing, expanding the original range of gray level, and also showed some importance of the object detection method in image processing as well.


“Career Talk - টাকা দে দুবাই যামু

To connect with ex-students, gain insight into the job market, and gain knowledge about higher study abroad, the Dept. of EEE organized an event "Career Talk". The program started at 8:00 pm on 30th October 2021 with more than 50 participants. With the presence of honorable guests, an open discussion about career paths in different sectors was held with alumni students and current students. The honorable discussants of the session were:

The guests shared with us some important tips to improve educational life, the job sector perspective of EEE, and some of their experience. They also focused on the development of some important soft skills while studying at the university. They also assured us of internships and overall support in the job sector for our students. The event was also a question and answer session. Participants asked a number of important questions and the guests gave their proper answers and guidelines.

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